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Save money, grow your business, enjoy peace of mind. LifeVideos.com will help you change your web site from a static page to a dynamic showcase. The use of video in web design has been shown to greatly enhance user involvement, increasing the effectiveness of the site’s message.

LifeVideos.com takes a unique, journalistic approach to video production. Professional and polished without being overly slick and contrived, we will tell your story in a way that will capture viewers and achieve results. We are not a cookie-cutter studio based operation, we are modeled on a television news gathering operation, and will come to you and your place of business. 

LifeVideos.com is a part of Lentz-Tolley Productions. Steve Lentz and Dave Tolley bring decades of profession broadcast experience to your projects. Both have worked in the Los Angeles Television and Radio markets for over 25 years, and provided services for major broadcast outlets, including KTLA-5, KFWB News Radio, Getty Images, and the TV Guide Channel.

Use LifeVideos.com produced stories in websites, DVDs, as Electronic Press Kits, on branded flash drives, even in customer meetings on a laptop or iPad. Technology is providing new outlets for your message, and clients of LifeVideos.com can expect the highest level of Value, Quality, Convenience, and Customer Service in producing that message that only years of experience can provide.

LifeVideos.com recently created a video that helped prominent Pasadena law firm win a multi-million dollar settlement for their client. Play the video at right to hear a testimonial on the process from the trial lawyer.

Values of a lifevideos.com Presentation

Builds awareness of who you are and what you offer

Create familiarity with your customers

People believe what they see in a professional video

Create a positive attitude about you and your product

Your subject matter can reach a greater audience

Explains how you are different from your competition

Customers will tell friends about a well written and photographed story

Tie offers or coupons to watching the video

Introduces you in the best light

Breaks down barriers between you and customers

Trains your sales staff on features and benefits

Telling a good story will encourage more viewers by word of mouth

Solves the problem of a silent web site--better communication

Displays a consistent message which Lifevideos.com will update

Creates confidence in your business

People will remember you

If You Want to Raise Prices, Tell a Better Story - Ty Montague - Harvard Business Reviewhttp://blogs.hbr.org/2013/07/want-to-raise-prices-tell-a-be/http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/07/want-to-raise-prices-tell-a-be/shapeimage_10_link_0